Monday, January 16, 2017

Sunday, January 8th

This week was the first Sunday we were back in Religious School after winter break.

First grade--
We are in Tiflia today with the Rabbi leading us in our prayers because the Cantor is on vacation today. We talk about the SOUL and that it's the part of you that we can't really find, but we think about it in different ways.  it's something that god put into us and made each one of us very very special. Everything that moves around and breaths has a soul. 
This week we finish reading the first book of the Torah,we talked about creation and now we talk about getting out of Egypt. the rabbi translates each book in the Torah so that we can understand, for example the second book, Exodus means getting out which is what we will talk about next. This weeks torah portion tells us that we need to be good and involved in our Jewish community as well as our American community. 
We get to listen to our story, and tell Ms. Levy what we learned for our devar Torah for consecration, which is coming up in a few weeks. We learned that trees should be well taken care of, that tubishvat is the birthdays of the trees, that sharing food doesn't only make the person getting feel good, but also the people giving feel good and each of us individually learned something new. 

We go to art, and we get to make a collage that has to do with the book we had read earlier. We make the background, and then we each get to "plant a tree" in our different landscapes.

6th Grade

Ms. Schulgasser helped the 6th graders do a fun art project with our names! We explored the black and white space of our names, and this made us think about what type of name we want to earn for ourselves.

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