Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What Happened in Grades K-2 on Sunday, September 8...


The Kindergarten class began our day making name tags so that everyone would know our names for the first day of school!

For snack, we had cupcakes to celebrate a sweet start to our year of learning!

To help us get to know one another, we had circle time and took turns sharing our favorite things about ourselves.

After T'filah, we learned how to play Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Hebrew.

We ended our day in Art, making Stars of David that were all about us.

Grade 1

In Grade 1 with Ms. Levy, wegot to know one another by answering three questions: 1. What is our name? 2. What is our favorite food? 3. What is our favorite color?

Ms. Levy blew the shofar for us while we learned about Rosh HaShanah.

We all got a chance to hold the shofar.

The, we all made cards for our families that said "Shanah Tovah" for a Happy New Year.

Mrs. Rosenthal came in to read us a story about forgiveness and the we got to check out books from the Library.

It was a great first day!

Grade 2

Grade 2 started our day by getting our new Hebrew workbooks.

We enjoyed snack together, making sure to say the brachot over our animal crackers and water.

We worked together on a worksheet that gave us an opportunity to think about what things we want to change in the world and make note of those things for which we are thankful.