Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 13th

First Grade-

In the  sanctuary we thank god for giving us a mind to think who opens our eyes to the world and for many other things as we do every week. He allows us to be a Jewish family and for Israel to be strong.

The rabbi talks to us and says the Tiflis is one of the most important parts of the service where we believe that when we are all praying together, God is really listening.
It's a reminder to us and to God that wears the children/ the same people as he promised and protected years ago

We talk about what we do to spend the week, Shabbat, and what we do to start the new week, havdalah. We use wine, a special braided candle and we  smell the spices to have a good week.

We play a game that involves the different things we use for Shabbat and havdalah where one person goes outside and everyone inside chooses to hide one of the objects in a bag. When the student comes back into the room, they have to decide which object is missing.

In art class today, we were able to combine cinnamon with some clay to make our own spice boxes to take home with us

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