Monday, January 23, 2017

January 22nd: 2nd and 5th grade

To begin our day, grade two went to a presentation in the social hall. During this presentation, two camps came to visit. One was a sports camp, offering a wide spread of sports to indulge in. The other camp was a science camp that promises fun, crazy experiments pertaining to the different fields of science. Each incorporates Judaism, and prayers are said before meals.

Next we had a snack of pretzels and water for kehilah, after saying the blessings over our food of course.

During t'filah today, cantor told us about a story that comes every year: the story of Passover. That being said, the next upcoming Jewish holiday is Pasach. During this holiday we discuss slavery, G-d's ten plagues, and the Jewish people's trip from Egypt to Israel.

Back in class, Mora Julie gave us chocolate and coloring pages. The coloring pages were of Hay, our Hebrew letter for today.

Today we had art. During the beginning, the art teacher had us tell her about Gimilut Chasadim, and how we're running the food drive to exemplify this. Our topic in art was tzedakah, which is collecting and donating money to those in need. We collect tzedakah every Sunday in our class. Our project today was a tzedakah box, so we can collect money at home too.

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