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Grade 5 - Sunday, April 9th, 2017

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 Pesach is coming, and most of us will be having a Seder tomorrow night. The Seder is to tell the story of Exodus and eat matzah, but it's also a time of remeberance, mitzvah-doing, praying, and learning. If there was no pesach, none of us would be here. We'd still be lower class in Egypt. The fact that we get to talk about the freedom we have because of it. Each of us is responsible for the continuation of Jewish life, to practice and pass down what the Exodus gave us to make us who we are today.

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During Kehilah today, we had havdalah. A couple of the sixth graders helped us by going around the circle with the candle, spices and wine. Afterward, we were all given a paper with the four questions. As a group, we chanted them in preparation for tomorrow's Seder. Our snack was goldfish and water.

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Back in class, we had two guest speakers from our junior youth group. They are encouraging us to run for the youth group office, which we will have the opportunity to be in next year. As we collected tzedakah, we were given information about a junior youth group sponsored gaga tournament.

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Afterward, we watched a video by Bible Raps. It was called "The Days of 10 Plagues." We were told rap has a rhyme on every 4th word. We were given a paper with the lyrics on it to follow along.

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With this in mind, we were given the task to make our own rap. With 1-2-3-rhyme as our basis, we were partnered up and given one of the ten plagues to base our part of the rap on.

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When some of our classmates went to parent-child, Cantor came into our class. We got to share our raps with him, and he learned a new way to tell stories- he was very impressed with us.

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After a little bathroom break, we shared our raps in front of the class.

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Last, we practiced the four questions. Afterward, we watched a funny video about them.

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