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5th Grade - 4/30/2017

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Today during T'filah, Cantor Rick told us that in Torah, we see in this week's torah portion how we forgive ourselves. The way that Aaron did this was by using goats. He had two- for both, he would place all of the sins for the community on it. One had a red ribbon tied on it, and it was sent into a wasteland. The objective was for Azazel to eat that goat. The second was given to G-d as a burnt offering. We then move into a list of instructions telling us what we should do to have a community of individuals. The ultimate goal is to have a community of special people. Cantor then told us that through the actions that we do, we can make ourselves into people that are Kadosh, or special. When we could no longer offer sacrifices, we started to do T'filah, or worship. Our actions give us our state of holiness and individuality. 

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In class, we had Kehilah. Mrs. Zamir told us that today we have art. Our last day, we'll be giving 3 minute presentations. We don't have Hebrew school on Tuesday because it's Yom Ha'atzmaut. The 9th is our last Tuesday and the 21st is our last day. Then we went to art. Today, we made Mandalas. Over the year, we've learned about Judaism and we've reaffirmed things about our Jewish selves with the new information. For our project today, we had to think of a list of 3 to 4 things that we think represent our Jewish selves. Mrs. Schulgaser told us we'd be using a circle for our Mandalas- they represent a cycle. Many things in life have cycles. The word for whole in Hebrew is Shalem. She told us to think about what's at the center of our Jewishness. For our project, we had layers; protective layers and layers to reach out to others. 

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Once we returned from art, we had Hebrew. We passed our Hebrew books out, then turned to page 67. We did a few word matching exercises, then Mrs. Zamir wrote some words on the board, all of which we had to search for in the Kidush. The words were holy, respect/heavy, bless, and rule/king. 

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