Wednesday, March 15, 2017

February 26th 2017 1st Grade

As we do every week, we talk about what we are thankful for in the week with the cantor. The rabbi tells us that this weeks torah portion is bout going up. We learn the world (mishkan), which is a temporary temple for the Jews years ago. We think about what it would need to be made of and come up with sticks, cloth for the roof, nails, gold, tools and decorations. They took these ordinary things and made it more special with (Truma) in the house of worship. We think about the things that we do in our everyday lives that we can make a mitzvah, that will make it more special.

Today we have library, and we listen to a book about Shabbat. We talk about when it starts ,when it ends and what we do during it. In the book they clean the candlesticks, pour the wine,make challah, set the table, light the candles, bless the candles, wash their hands, and finally get to eat after blessing all of the food. We learn that to close out Shabbat, we do havdalah. We get to play games and pick out a book to take home today too!

The cantor comes in so that we can discuss what we learned. We do the things we do on Shabbat to make it more special and steerage it from other days of the week. He then tells us that Purim is coming up, and we talk about what we do, like we give gifts and give to those in need. We also get to dress up and make homentashins along with many other things.
Miss Levy reads us a book about queen Esther.

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