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February 26th, 2017 - Grade 2

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To begin the day, grade 2 had Judaics. We began lesson 2 on page 5 of our workbooks, and we read as a class about praise and how it makes us feel good. Next we had to either draw a picture or write down why we can praise G-d. Some examples we came up with are G-d made us and G-d made the world. After, we wrote down what we think G-d has done for the world, like make us places to stay and the friends we have. On the next page, there was a picture with lots of colors! We brainstormed some of the miracles that G-d has done which we could see in the picture. Some of them were the creation of the world and Noah's ark. As we continued reading, we saw that we praise G-d by singing and speaking. Our lesson was to learn about praising G-d. Last, we read that "Baruch atah Adonai," which we say at the beginning of many prayers, means "Praised is our G-d."

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Today in Kehilah, we noticed 3rd and 4th grade wasn't here today. This was because they had a retreat this weekend. Next year, we'll have the same opportunity! To separate Shabbat from the rest of the week, we had Havdalah. For snack, we had goldfish and water.

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Next we had T'filah. We began by saying what we're thankful for, like being ourselves. When Rabbi joined us in the sanctuary, he did something a little silly. He jumped up the stairs! He then told us that Trumah is a Hebrew word that means to go up.  He then brought up Mishkan, which is a temporary place where we meet G-d and there is Kadosh. In this week's Torah portion, G-d told Moses to go to the Israelites and ask for supplies to build a Mishkan. They brought ordinary supplies, but in the Mishkan, it was called Trumah. This is because it's holy. Anything can become Trumah if it's become holy or if it's a mitzvah.

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Back in class, we were given numbers. With these numbers, we formed groups. There were 3 groups and each received a big piece of paper. On this paper, we traced one of our group members. We filled this outline with what reminds us in the temple of the body part it's in.

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After our fun project, we took out our Hebrew workbooks and began a new letter, Vav. We traced the letter to learn to write it, then we all took turns saying words with Vav in them.

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