Sunday, February 8, 2015

What Happened in Grades K & 2 on Sunday, February 8...


Today at the beginning of class, some of us played a memory game. This game used characters and objects from the story of Purim. We had to use our memory and learn about Purim.

Then during circle time, we talked about what we did during the week. Some of us went skiing and snowboarding.

Then we played Shimon Omer, or Simon Says in English. We got to learn some Hebrew words while we did it, such as Rosh, the word for head.

Next, Mrs. Bernstein told us a story about Purim. We learned that we should never be afraid to tell people that we are Jewish.

At the end of the day, we made and decorated masks that we could wear during Purim. What a fun day!

Grade 1

Mazal Tov  to our Grade 1 students on their Consecration this past Shabbat!

Grade 2

During the beginning of class, Grade 2 talked about transliteration. That is when the Hebrew words are written out using English letters. The prayer we were studying was Modeh Ani.  First, Ms. Evans helped us read slowly through the Hebrew. Then, she showed us the transliteration. We don't know all of the Hebrew letters and vowels yet, so the transliteration made it so much easier for us to read! We recited the prayer twice and then Chad, Jacob and Michael sang it with us!

During Havdallah, the sixth graders came around and we got to smell the spices and look at the candle! It was fun. 

Afterward we went to T'filah and we talked about this week’s Torah portion, Mishpatim. It’s all about rules, but mostly rules about how we handle situations when we're not sure what to do. If we aren’t sure, we now know we can ask our parents about the right Jewish way to respond. 

Back in class, we worked on the alef bet. We got out our workbooks and talked about the letter vav.

During library today, the librarian read us a book called God Must Like Cookies Too. It’s about a little girl who goes to synagogue with her grandmother. They go to the oneg Shabbat their temple holds and the girl got to have 3 cookies. After we read the story we got to pick out books! 

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