Sunday, February 9, 2014

What Happened in Grades K-2 on Sunday, February 9...


Today was a very special kind of day in Kindergarten! Instead of starting our day with Circle Time, we got to play! Hmmm... what made today special in Kindergarten?

Then, Mrs. Bernstein bought us snacks at the Grade 7 Bake Sale in honor of our special day. Hmmm... what made today special in Kindergarten?

Today was special in Kindergarten because we learned about Shabbat! Shabbat is a special day of the week, where we do things differently from the way that we do them on other days of the week. We can spend time with family, take a break from school and work, rest, relax and enjoy special treats.

To end Shabbat, we have a special ceremony called Havdallah. In Religious School, we do Havdallah once a month on Sunday mornings. Here we are smelling the spice box that is a part of the Havdallah ceremony. It was a very special, very fun day!

Grade 1

Today, before we went to Kehillah, we learned the blessing that we say before we study from the Torah. This was in preparation for the learning that we would be doing when we got back to the classroom after Kehillah and T'filah

In Kehillah we did Havdallah and enjoyed one of our favorite snacks - Cheese Its!

Then we had T'filah with Cantor Yomtov. Afterwards, we went back to the classroom where we learned about Jacob and Esau. They were two brothers who got into a fight and needed to make amends with one another. We used a technique called Torn Paper Midrash to show what we think it looked like when Jacob and Esau became friends again. 

We even learned a few Hebrew words to help us with our Torn Paper Midrash - yad means hand, lev means heart, ach means brother and chaver means friend.

Grade 2

Grade 2 started by reviewing the Aleph Bet. Try asking your student which letters they recognize on the letter chart! 

We also began to prepare for a big review project that will help us solidify our learning from this year. The first part of the project was to brainstorm about what the various themes that we've talked about this year (Israel, God, Temple and Sunday School) mean to us.

We took a break from our classroom learning to participate in Havdallah during Kehillah and pray with Cantor Yomtov during T'filah.

In Art class, we had a special project that focused on something else that means something important to us - people! We drew the people in our lives who are special to us and the best part was that we made them using a pop-up technique!

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