Monday, September 26, 2016

September 25th 2016

5th Grade:
Our morning was great! We started out with the traditional prayers and then continued on to talk about what we can do to benefit our futures! Then, when services were over, we went to the social hall and said prayer, then had some snack.

After finishing snack we walked back to the classroom and began class. After talking a little about the Torah,  we went to the lifecycle room and played a fun activity! When we finished conversing about communal events and private events, we even talked about minions and reading the Torah! We also talked about sharing news with our community and we definitely had fun goofing off about texting (no texting in class)! then we went back to the classroom, opened our books and reviewed some prayers in groups of two!

The students discussed the prayers and what they mean and they read them with their partner. After that, the students presented their prayers by telling the class what the prayer meant and by reading the prayers aloud. Overall the class was great, we'll see you all next week!

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