Sunday, December 6, 2015

What Happened in Grades K-2 on Sunday, December 6...

Grades K-2

Today, kindergarten through second grade got together for a special holiday program. The program was all about tonight’s Jewish holiday, Chanukah. To begin, we had a snack of potato pancakes, or latkes. For this snack, our brachah was borei pri ha'adamah (fruit of the earth) because potatoes come from the ground. 

All of the students split into groups. Once this was done, we went to different stations. At the first station, we made  chanukiyot (plural of chanukiyah). This was a fun art activity for all of us, and in addition, we can use them tonight to begin the first night of Chanukah.

The next station was where we got to play a fun game of dreidel. With all the classic rules, we got into evenly divided groups and played with the assistance of one of our madrachim, Michael, or Mrs. Levy. 

At our last station, we learned all about what makes a chanukiyah different from a menorah. Ask us what the difference is! It should be that the Chanukah is for the eight nights of Hannukah whereas the menorah is for the seven days of the week. Afterward, we chanted the blessing for the candles, so we should know them for tonight. Lastly, we played a fun game called It’s Hannukah. It was similar to candyland, and we had a fun time. 

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