Sunday, April 19, 2015

What Happened in Grades 3-6 on Sunday, April 19...

Grade 3

Did you know that Israel's Independence Day (Yom Ha'atzmaut) is coming up? In Art, we made pictures of the state of Israel using prayers and Hebrew words that relate to Israel.

We each tried different color schemes and prayers to make different artistic designs.

Then, back in the classroom, we took got to play a fun Hebrew review game. Mrs. Zaas threw us a ball with Hebrew vowels on it and we had to pair the vowel that our thumb landed on with a letter to make short syllable words.

Our day culminated with a trivia review game about Israel.

Grade 4

Today was a great day in 4th grade! The day began T’filah and then Kehillah in our classrooms. Mrs. Abrams was not here today, so we had an amazing substitute, former teacher, Ari Feinberg! We began speaking about Israel’s Independence Day, Yom Ha'atzmaut. We listened to a recording of Israel’s national anthem, HaTikvah being played by an orchestra when Israel was declared a country in 1948. 

Next we read a script about the time then Abraham stood up to God when God wanted to destroy a city and Abraham told God he shouldn't. Then, the class split into two groups and were given a side. One side being that Abraham was right to stand up to God and one side that Abraham shouldn't have stood up to God. 

In Mr. Stone’s class we wrapped up our unit on honoring our mothers and fathers. Then, we talked about befriending the lonely. Then, we read things Boaz did to befriend Naomi and we drew parallels to our own lives, such as including people or saying hello.

 After our core class, we went to Hebrew with Mr. Stone. In Hebrew, we learned about the Kiddush- the blessing over wine/grape juice. We learned all about the blessing and why we say it first on Shabbat, We read through the prayer and learned two new roots. We learned a lot in Hebrew today! 

Grade 5

During T'filah today, Rabbi told us all about how Jews didn't have their own country in the past. That’s why Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israel's Independence Day, is so important. 

Grade 5 had Kehillah in the classroom today. We sang HaTikvah, then we had a snack of animal crackers and water. Our madrichim left the room and we talked about the good things about them, such as what we liked and what they did well with us. We also did the same for Mrs. Shulgasser, our Art teacher. Mrs. Milgrom will use the nice things we said in her end of year notes to our teachers!

In Mrs. Zamir’s class, we talked about curses. More specifically, giving/receiving curses. We had a Philosophical Inquiry session during which we discussed the quote from Torah, "bless those who bless you, curse those who curse you."

With Miss Silverstein, we read the story of Devorah. After discussing and coming up with questions about what we were most interested in, we wrote our own stories as a way of answering these questions. These stories are called midrashim 

In Hebrew, we reviewed the Amidah, to see how much we remember from what we've learned over the course of the year. Each station helped us uncover a different part of the Amidah from past lessons.

Grade 6

The sixth graders began their day after services by sharing how helpful their madrachim have been all year. Mrs. Milgrom will use our feedback in her thank you notes at the end of the year!

The theme of Mrs. Potash’s class today was the protection of animals. She wrote “tzaar baalei chayim” on the board which translates to “compassion towards all living creatures." 

We studied a text that taught us that the suffering of animals is equal to the suffering of humans. The class discussed why our pets and all other animals are important to us and why we should always care for them, under any circumstance. 


In Mr. Solomon’s class, Molly led the class in our weekly Hebrew warm up. This helps the students learn simple commands like stand, sit, run, walk and jump.

Next, we looked at a chart that represents each of the seven days and weeks of Omer called “Sefirot HaOmer.” Omer is the counting down of the 50 days between Pesach and Shavuot. This week was the week of Tiferet (beauty, compassion and harmony).

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