Sunday, November 23, 2014

What Happened in Grades K-2 on Sunday, November 23...


Did you know that it is now the month of Kislev? Did you know that we celebrate Chanukah during Kislev? Today, as we waited for all of our friends to arrive, we spent some time coloring pictures for Chanukah.

It is also November, and in November, we celebrate Thanksgiving! Being thankful is one of the themes in the prayers that we recite every Sunday morning, so in T'filah, we took some time to talk about what we are thankful for.

In our classroom, we continued to explore how being thankful is a Jewish value. We made cards to express what we are thankful for, which helped us connect Judaism to the American holiday of Thanksgiving!

Grade 1

Did you know that it is now the month of Kislev? Did you know that we celebrate Chanukah during Kislev? Today, as we waited for all of our friends to arrive, we spent some time coloring pictures for Chanukah.

We read a story about Chanukah and learned all about King Antiochus and how he told the Jews that they couldn't been Jewish any more. We learned about how the Jews fought a war to protect their right to be Jewish and about how after they won, they light the menorah and the oil lasted for eight days. After the story, we got to make masks so that we can pretend to be either one of the Judah Maccabees fellow soldiers or one of King Antiouchus' men. Now we can act the story out at home!

After the mask making, we went to Art with Mrs. Shulgasser where we learned about oil candles for Chanukah. We made bowls out of clay with wicks coming out of them so we can fill our  bowls with oil and use them as an oil lamp. We will take them home with us the next time we are at Religious School, Sunday, December 7, which is also the day of our Consecration family program!

Grade 2

The first thing we did today was read a story with our teacher. It was really fun! It was called The Golden Calf, and it was about how when Moses and went to the top of Mount Sinai the Jewish people made a golden calf. We learned that this was not a good decision! 

Next, we did an activity called Solving the Problem. Our teacher counted us off by threes, then we got into groups. We read the paper for our group to discuss, then we brainstormed, and finally we talked about the problems that God, Moses and the Israelites faced. Each group got the chance to help God, Moses or the Israelites solve a different problem.

We had Kehillah during class today! While we ate our goldfish and drank our water, we continued to talk about the story and the problems within it. We discussed how the Israelites reacted to Moses’ absence by making an idol, how God became angry, and then, how Moses smashed the Ten Commandments in the end. 

During T'filah today, two of our madrachim helped out. We had a lot of fun saying the prayers. Rabbi told us a story about this week’s Torah portion, which is about Jacob. 

After T'filah, we learned about the letter alef. Ask us what sound it makes! (it's a trick question!)

In Library, we read a story about the letter nun, which is the letter we’ll be learning about next week, We also read another story book about Moses and the Ten Commandments. It was fun to see how two different books told the same story with different pictures and in slightly different ways!

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