Sunday, October 12, 2014

What Happened in Grade K-2 on Sunday, October 12...


When we got into class today, we started coloring pictures of sukkot (sukkot is the plural of sukkah, and also the name of the chag - holiday)! sukkot are the huts that we build and stay in during Sukkot.

Then during Havdallah, the Havdallah kit was missing, so we had to use a box of cooking spices, a candle wrapped in foil, and a cup. This still works though, because they don’t have to be meant for Havdallah to be used.

Then in the Sanctuary during T'filah, the Rabbi and Cantor told us a story about a sukkah that kept leaning over. The builders had to keep pushing it to get it straight, it showed that no matter how many times you have a problem, you have to keep trying.

Then, we went in the temple’s sukkah! It has holes in the roof so you can see the stars at night. We had a lulav and etrog, and we shook them in all directions, to show that God is everywhere.

Back in the classroom, we made drawings which will be sent to Israel and given to the people who serve in the military there. We hope the cards will cheer them up and remind them of their homes.

Grade 1

Today was a marvelous day in 1st Grade! We started by reading about our favorite spider, Sammy the Spider. We read Sammy’s First Sukkot because Sukkot began on October 7th.

 After Kehillah and T’fillah we met in the Sanctuary to learn the three blessing to say in the Sukkah. We learned the blessing for our first time in a Sukkah, eating in a Sukkah and shaking the Lulav and the Etrog. Before heading to the Sukkah, we also learned the blessing for the reading the Torah because Simchat Torah is coming up so we got to see a Torah and say the blessing. 

Then, we got to go outside into the Sukkah where we all got a turn to shake the Lulav and the Etrog.   After reading the story, we made Israeli Flags, as well as decorating a blessing for the Torah for Simchat Torah.

 After, we went back to the classroom to read another Sammy Spider book! This time, we read Sammy’s First Simchat Torah because Simchat Torah is coming up on October 17th.

On Simchat Torah, we parade around the Sanctuary with the Torah scrolls and wave flags in celebration of the fact that we've completed reading the Torah and will begin all over again. Our class made flags so that we can all participate.

Grade 2

The first thing Grade 2 did today was go outside and visit the Sukkah! It was really fun. We learned about the etrog and the lulav, and everyone got to try to shake them.

After going to the Sukkah, we came back inside for Kehillah- it was Havdallah! Cantor told us all about how Sukkot and Simchat Torah are tied together, and how we celebrate reading the end of the Torah and getting to start all over. 

In T’filah today, Rabbi told us a funny story about how Yankle tried to put a sukkah, but it kept leaning to one side or the other. Eventually, Yankle was able to get his sukkah to stand up straing. If things don’t work the first time, you can always try to get it right again!

Back in class, Miss Evans gave us cards about Moses. We read them, then worked in groups to put them in order according to when they occurred. 

The last thing we did today was art. It was really fun! We got plates, and we covered them with paint, then we made designs that had to do with what we’ve been learning about, whether it be pomegranates (like in Rosh HaShanah) or the Torah (for Simchat Torah). Once we finished the designs, we put paper over the paint and transferred them.  

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