Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What Happened in Grades K-2 on Sunday, January 26...


Kindergarten had a great day! We started with our good morning song and then we each got to share something exciting that happened to us during the past week.

We went to Kehillah and after we went to T’fillah where the Cantor was not there, but the service was led by a teen named Rebecca Shankman. 

After, we went to art with Mrs. Schulgasser. We made books by placing folded paper inside colorfully designed covers. In class, we are learning all about the synagogue, so we used our books to draw the different places in the synagogue that we have learned about so far. In these pictures, we are drawing what we see in the sanctuary.

Grade 1

There was no class for Grade 1 students this past Sunday as they spent Shabbat participating in their very meaningful Consecration service. It was wonderful to see all of our students and their families join together to celebrate this exciting life cycle event!

Grade 2

Grade 2 started their day by reviewing the Alef Bet. They worked a bit in their workbooks on the letters chet and hay, reading words with them and adding vowels. 

Next they went to Kehillah...

and then T’filah. Cantor Yomtov wasn’t able to be there, but thankfully Rebecca Shankman was able to help Rabbi with singing.

When we went back to class, we learned more about the Torah. This week was focused on Moses going up Mount Sinai, and the whole ordeal with the Golden Calf. With this in mind, we made art projects displaying our different ideas of what the 10 Commandments mean.

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