Sunday, October 6, 2013

What Happened in Grades 3-6 on Sunday, October 6 (Curriculum Day)...

Grade 3

While our parents stayed in the Sanctuary, we went into the Social Hall where Mrs. Mann and the madrichim taught us about the Hebrew months of the year.

Then, we joined our parents in the Chapel where we read about the first parsha (portion) in the Torah - Bereshit.

For the learning activity with our parents, we went around the room and answered questions about what makes the world a good place and a Kadosh (Holy) place. It was great to get to do some thinking with our moms and dads!

Grade 4

During Kehillah, we celebrated Havdallah together. While Havdallah is usually done on Saturday night (it marks the separation between Shabbat and the rest of the week), we do it on Sunday mornings to mark the beginning of our new week.

To end Havdallah, you dip the Havdallah candle into the wine. We always make sure to listen carefully for the sizzling noise!

Afterwards, our madrichim taught us about the Hebrew months of the year.

Then, we put all of the months in order and learned a song to help us remember their names.

When we joined our parents in the Board Room, we worked on better understanding Lo Aleicha moments. These are moments where even though the work seems overwhelming, we "step up to the plate" to try and help others and make our world better.

Grade 5

In Grade 5, our family activity focused on Maimonides' Ladder of Tzedakah. According to Maimonides, there are 10 different ways that you can give Tzedakah. Working with our parents, we put the ways in order from what we felt was the most Kadosh (Holy) to the least Kadosh. Then, we joined back together as a whole group to learn the order according to Maimonides and discuss how our versions were the same or different.

Grade 6

After having T'filah with our parents, we headed into the Social Hall to learn about the Hebrew months of the year. First, our madrichim talked to us about each month and what chagim (holidays) occur during each month.

Then, we put the months in order and worked together to describe each chag (holiday). 

Afterwards, each grade went to go do a special learning activity with their parents. Our parents joined us in the Social Hall and we worked on better understanding our Count Me In curriculum by completing a worksheet about the three names we have: 1. The name we are given; 2. The name(s) others call us; 3. The name(s) we want to earn for ourselves.

To finish the day, Mr. Solomon led us in TPR (Total Physical Response), an active way to learn Hebrew. Here, our avot (plural of abba - dad) respond to Mr. Solomon's command to walk around (lalechet). 

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